DRCs: 10-31-11

by Brandon on

Slutty DRCs edition.

Well, I like Birdhouse in Your Soul, but it’s close to being the only legitimately good TMBG song – **Zinco**

Brandon: You’re wrong.

Gator can Just Dance if he wants to. He can just leave his friends behind.

Cause if his friends don’t Just Dance and if they don’t Just Dance, then they aint no friends of mine. – Nussy

Brandon: Awww you think Gator has friends, that’s cute.

Original Jim? You mean I’m not? – **Jim**

Brandon: One is enough.

Brandon are you going to dress up in a costume for Halloween? What are you going as? Something slutty probably.

Whore. – billy chilly, JUDGEMENTAL EDITION

Brandon: Probably Finn again. But slutty Finn. And I don’t mean Fiona.

Boy, I’m pretty needy! – **sylim**

Brandon: The good news is if you change your acronym to ‘so my life is needy’ you’re SMLIN 🙂 🙂 🙂

You should really give Driver San Francisco a shot. The demo is kind of meh, but it’s the best racer since Burnout Paradise. – **Ash the Deadite Slayer**

Brandon: You do realize Skyrimjob comes out in 11 days, right?

Have you ever said anything funny or at all worth repeating? – **The Entire Internet**

Brandon: Back in ’98 I thought ‘Cuntasaurus’ was pretty funny.

Nah, when I use the N word it is always on purpose. – **CPG**

Brandon: Of course. Silly me for forgetting.

Sorry for playing around in the ducts and stuff. That and riding elevators are the only things to do here. – **Black Cat**

Brandon: Me too.

I heard They Might Be Giants are going to appear on a very special episode of “Whitney” – **Mark**

Brandon: I wonder if Whitney will dress provocatively or make sexually suggestive comments in that episode.

I’ve been trying to get into Maximum Balloon, but no song catches me the way Tiger does. Is that legitimately their best song, or am I just associating it with Daisy Lowe writhing around and that’s why I like it more than the others? – **Nussy**

Brandon: Yes.

What is your favorite game, Brandon? From what I’ve seen it’s Pikmin. – **Ertain**

Brandon: What…what have you seen?…

So Pandas, yea or nay? – **Opty**

Brandon: Are we talking slutty pandas?

Atari the dog is dead, and there was no in memoriam article? It’s like you guys don’t even know what’s important anymore. – **tubular culosis**

Brandon: As far as I know, Atari is still alive and well. He’s just dead in our hearts because we haven’t seen him in forever.

Hey let’s stand in a circle and pleasure one another. We could call it a Hank Azaria Pleasure Circle. – **Hank Azaria**

Brandon: That sounds perfectly normal!

Note to self: you can make money by exploiting others. – **the desk of Buckner T. Fatts**

Brandon: That also how you can make babies!

SH!T I actually DO still own a Nintendo system! I just don’t have an ancient TV to hook my NES to! Second apology (this time for misleading you about not owning Nintendo systems) – **djm79**

Brandon: I can’t believe you lied to me. To us.

Brandon do you do things for Halloween? What do you do? Do them now! – **Remington Beard Trimmer Deluxe with Lip Guard and Sheer Technology**

Brandon: This year all I’m doing is handing candy out at my house. And then eating the rest of the candy. Probably in bed.

Just make the DRCs orange today. Or, if it is past Halloween, purple. Thanks. – **ugly harpy**

Brandon: For the record, I had already decided to make them orange before reading this. You’re not the boss of me!