DRCs: 11-11-11

by Brandon on

These go to elevenrimjob.

I’m seeing TMBG play ‘Flood’ in Vancouver next week. Who’s jealous? – baramdoongi

satchmo: Probably the same people who are jealous of retards.

Here be dragons. – Skyrimjob


Yeah, uh huh, you know what it is, black and orange, black and orange, black and orange, black and orange. – billy chilly

Brandon: I like to imagine that’s how you read the DRCs out loud.

satchmo: A zebra who consumed too much beta carotene!!? No, that’s can’t be it…carrots aren’t indigenous to the African continent…this is a real stumper!

Every drop-down list of countries should have the U.S. at the top, with the Aardvark Kingdom or whatever just below that. – Bool

Brandon: You make me sick.

satchmo: It’s that sort of self-serving attitude that is going to make me move to the Aardvark Kingdom…Obamaardvak 08!

Hey Brandon do me a big fav and use a regular black font for today’s DRC’s. Thanks bro, you’re tops. – ugly harpy

Brandon: You got it, shitbrain!

Do you ever hate yourself for being 40 and playing video games?

Do you think you’ll still play games when you’re 60?

Tell me about your mother. – Sigmund Metreud

Brandon: What? That’s like hating yourself for masturbating or breathing. You’re a horrible shrink, I’m not answering any more of your questions.

satchmo: I sorta hate myself after reading that DRC

No one went to my wedding. – Skoad

Brandon: I wasn’t invited.

What’s going on with the banners? They don’t rotate the way the used to… Also, we need an “A DAMN BIRD!” It’s Nintendorks tradition. – Lean

Brandon: You’re high. I just refreshed the main page 9 times and saw 9 different banners.

satchmo: You avoided the bird concern…what are you hiding?! Obamaardvark 08!

Hey Brandon, I forgot my condom at your house. It should be in your wife’s vagina.

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Brandon: Joke’s on you, I’m not married! Though that could explain why the cat has been acting weird.

Oh my God that is a terrific idea. It could also works for my side project, ‘Some Men Like Ingesting Nickels’. – SMLIN 🙂 🙂 🙂


Way to quote They Might Be Giants in your last post there! – Encubed

satchmo: Way to comment on the post quoting TMBG! High fives for EVERYONE!

How could you question how slutty a panda is? those things are like very, very slow, slutty, sloppy, cute, and kinky whores. its all about the bamboo…. not that i would know or anything….hows everything goin’? Good? Great! – cdub

Brandon: I will not google image search ‘slutty panda’. I will not google image search ‘slutty panda’. I will not google image search ‘slutty panda’ I will no…oh goddammit.

satchmo: I love the internet.

I’m drunk. That’s my excuse for that comment. – cdub

Brandon: That excuse only works for feelings.

satchmo: And parenting. And driving. And…

You don’t need those Nintendorks, Brandon. You don’t need anybody anymore.

I’m your boyfriend now. – Skyrim

Brandon: I should update my Facebook relationship status.

satchmo: I would laugh, except this is true. It’s going to be a long, cold winter 🙁

Hey you should have put me in the Motiva piece. – Humor

Brandon: This made me chuckle, so I guess you know what you’re talking about!

Update me Brandon! Before it’s too late! She’s coming. Skyrim is coooomiiiing. – DRC

Brandon: No, it’s HERE. AND I did DRCs. If you put your heart and mind to it, you can achieve the impossible, my friends.