DRCs: 11-24-11

by Brandon on

I’m thankful for alllllllllll the things!

Winter is coming. – Skyrim

Brandon: I wouldn’t know, I haven’t looked outside in three days. Skyrim!

What happened to the reward system? I’m pretty sure I had some coins and Zelda items on this site that I never got to using… – Pooch

Brandon: Oh I used all that to buy a trip to Hawaii, thanks!

Lydia has some serious DSLs. I can’t let her wear a helmet because of it. – A Sad Pathetic Little Man

satchmo: You’re a real creep, you know that?

Gato, if you count yourself there were 17 people in your math class…or to better say it, 11 in hex. Awww yeah. – Opty

Brandon: Math is hard.

satchmo: So is Gato after all that math.

Dear Nintendo,

Whatever happened to Rogue Squadron games? – tubular culosis

Brandon: George Lucas wanted to digitally enhance and re-release them, so now they’re Poniez 3D.

Jai sold me his Wii, so I just started playing Twilight Princess for the first time. I am disappointed in the lack of Vampire/Human/Werewolf love triangles. Otherwise, I really enjoy it.

I need to beat it quickly so I can move on to Skyward Sword. – Mark

satchmo: There’s no goddamn vampires in that thing!

This past halloween I went to a muppets themed party dressed as pyramid head. I have pictures but I do not know how to attach them. Sorry. – vaginaboob

Brandon: That’s ok I didn’t want to see them.

satchmo: I don’t think you know what a theme is.

I just watched the kick-ass hip hop song from last year and certainly hope I wasn’t alone in answering, “Bees.” – Bool Lean

Brandon: BEES NUTZ.

I am thankful for the recently regularly updating drcs. – Pilgrim’s Paunchiness

Brandon: I’m thankful you think maybe once a week is regular!

satchmo: I’m worried you think maybe once a week is regular.

How can there be no Gamestop within 70 miles that is open past six on sunday? That means I have to wait until MONDAY to play skyward sword because I work until 6:30. I don’t know if I can cope… – []!

Brandon: 16,000 children died from starvation in the time it took me to read that DRC. Happy Thanksgiving!

I really want to hook up my GameCube again to play F-Zero GX. I look forward to a punishing reminder of how I suck way too much to be able to win any of the hard races… and then decide to not hook up the GameCube just yet, after all. – Jai

Brandon: Your Wii can play GameCube games, Jai! OH WAIT.

Remember that time I cancelled the DRCs by submitting a bunch of old DRCs and creating a DRC time travel machine? – Hithere

Brandon: Remember when I went back in time and deleted this DRC?

satchmo: I don’t think you know what a space-time continuum is.

God fuck there’s too many games to play. – Opty

Brandon: Solution: Just play Skyrim. You’ll forget about all the other games.

Goddamnit, can we fire Nussy for changing the title of the Secret Santa thread making me miss out on “officially” signing up? “Secret Stolle 2011” made me think it was another one of you weirdos’ photothreads. – Skoad

Brandon: No.

Trent peed in his wife’s butthole and they made a baby – congrats! – facebook stalker

Brandon: So that’s how babies are made!