3DS surpasses 4 million units sold

by Chris V on

The Nintendo 3DS has now sold more than four million units, according to various news outlets.

This news, combined with the results of the Iowa Caucus, has left pundits scrambling to figure out how this will impact the GOP race. Rick Santorum did well due to a last minute surge, but the candidate faces allegations of inappropriate conduct. “There were several instances in which Santorum appeared to have taken campaign contributions in direct exchange for legislative assistance,” explained Melanie Sloan of Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington to ABC News. Meanwhile, Michelle Bachman has decided to drop out of the race, while John McCain has thrown his support to front-runner Mitt Romney. “I hope that we will get an overwhelming vote that will catapult this candidate to the White House,” McCain said of Romney. Mittens, however, knows there is a long fight ahead. “Landslides are terrific,” Romney said, adding, “I just didn’t see that in last night’s figures.” Romney also faces attacks from fellow Republicans, such as Newt Gingrich, who sniped that “in the end, Governor Romney has a very limited appeal in a conservative party.” Nintendo has not responded to requests for comment.