Nintendo Forgets 3DS Needs Help: Makes New Pokémon Games for Old System

by Travis Woodside on

Did you like Pokémon Black and Pokémon White?

Good news, everyone. We’re getting Pokémon Black Version Two and Pokémon White Version Two this fall. Oddly, they are for the original DS, not the fancy new 3DS that could actually use a real Pokémon game. Still, Black/White is supposedly the best Pokémon game ever made so at least Nintendo knows where to focus their sequel efforts. But Version Two? I guess they’ve run out of colors. Even the immediate follow up to red and blue was “yellow.” But I guess calling a game “Gray” isn’t very appealing.

Pokémon Black/White Version Two in stores this fall for the Nintendo DS. You can play it on the 3DS too I guess!