ATTN: Bronies, Two Days Left to Get Your Own Magical Horse Pokémon

by John "ANC" Barnes on

Mr Hands say this game awesome Mr Hands Never Wrong!
If you’re still playing *Pokémon Black* or *White* but haven’t been paying attention to the [official Pokémon website]( because you’ve been too busy playing *Pokémon*, then heads up.

Time is running out to grab one of the special event-only giveaway monsters: The Mythical Colt Pokémon, Keldeo. Keldeo has been available to download at GameStop stores across the United States since August 27th, and this Saturday marks the FINAL OPPORTUNITY* for obsessive-compulsives to avoid a future full of regret, at least where Pokémon is concerned. Transferring Keldeo from Pokémon Black or White to Black 2 or White 2 (which conveniently launch Sunday, the day after the giveaway ends; I see what they did there) unlocks some special jazz, namely a secret area where Keldeo learns a special move and turns into a more badass-looking form. With that in mind, gallop down to your local GameStop on your real horse before October 7th so you can claim a fake horse to love and cherish while neglecting your real horse.

Keep in mind that trying to fuck Keldeo will void your Nintendo system’s warranty.

*Until they do another giveaway a few years from now for the next series of games.