More Retail Titles Make Their Way to the Nintendo eShop and CRASHMOOOO

by Travis Woodside on

Nintendo has chosen to finally tell us more about what it’s planning for its eShop.

Out this holiday you’ll be able to buy some games that were previously only available in retail, such as Ocarina of Time 3D Revelation: The Return, StarFox 64: Reborn, Super Mario Sonic 3D Blast, and The Great Mario Kart Submarine Adventure. This is great news because we can now say things like, “Nintendo is supporting its eShop by adding its past retail releases to the digital library.” I, for one, would love Mario Kart 7 in a digital capacity. Being able to carry around Mario Kart wherever I go without having to carry a cart around is the perfect recipe for spontaneous Kart multiplayer with hobos. Too bad I already own Mario Kart 7 and won’t buy it again.

In related news, here’s a list of original games on its way to the 3DS eShop.



Fluidity: Spin Cycle

Liberation Maiden (from Suda 51)

Aero Porter

Crimson Shroud

Yes, that’s right. Crashmo, as in the sequel to Pushmo (the second greatest 3DS game in existence).

Oh, and here’s some virtual console stuff…

Mario Golf (launches Oct. 11)

Castlevania: The Adventure (launches Oct. 25)

Ninja Gaiden (launches Nov. 8)

Zelda II – The Adventure of Link (launches Nov. 22)

Wario Land II (launches Dec. 20)

Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels (launches Dec. 27)

As an aside, if I get excited and type “CRASHMOOOOO” I can read it as crash-moo. Like a cow is mooing. It’s fun. Try it.