#studio64 is back! “It’s like a party in my butt, and everyone’s invited!”

by John "ANC" Barnes on

Like the Son of God made flesh, the official IRC channel of Nintendorks, #studio64, has risen again whether you believe it or not. EdgeIRC was pretty much dead and everyone kept getting these annoying error messages and it pissed them off and they left, so now (thanks to Kevyn) the channel’s on SynIRC. To log in with your favorite IRC client, the details you need are:

server: irc.synirc.net

channel: #studio64

… or simply click the Chat link in the sidebar or on the following link to automatically open up the chat room right here in your browser, like magick.

“But wait,” you may be asking yourself, “why would I want to chat with that insular group of assholes [again]?”

Well, aside from learning all of our dark secrets with which you can destroy us because we forget to filter ourselves in open chat and/or talking about video games, you’ll have the opportunity to observe/participate in the glorious circlejerk of one-upsmanship that is making jokes IN REAL TIME about current events, including video game press conferences, NFL football, TV/VCR repair, or last night’s presidential debate. Speaking of the latter, click the link to read more if you want to, uh, read more, specifically some choice “gems” from last night’s vigorous session, and see what you’re missing out on. ORDER TODAY!


[myroncope] i cant get a stream that works

[myroncope] i pay for cspan with my taxes why doesn’t it work

[~Kevyn] Jim Leher’s eyes look like piss holes in the snow

[Nussy] Domestic issues, looking forward to the parts about israel and the middle east

[@ANC] domestic issues: what is your stance on wifebeating

[Nussy] he’s taking his time to wish his wife a happy anniversary

[myroncope] obama what about jobs? THANKS MICHELLE LUV U

[~Kevyn] B-Rock gonna get laid tonight

[Nussy] fucking swag

[myroncope] this is the biggest argument against twitter ever

[myroncope] i mean jesus christ

[myroncope] they’re putting tweets about tie color on television

[Jbond] “it’s math, something most of this country doesn’t understand”

[myroncope] people are proud of not understanding gay shit like math

[jacobi] math, its being studied by top men

[@JuiceStain] TOP MEN

[myroncope] romney’s smiling has to lose him some votes

[myroncope] it’s terrifying

[soybean] What do I owe now? Two shots?

[momtartin] ahahah

[momtartin] this moderator has no balls

[~Kevyn] wtf, is mitt the moderator now

[myroncope] i’m not going to raise taxes, you are!

[myroncope] nuh uh!

[garretble] “I GET THE LAST WORD”


[@JuiceStain] “I’m glad you asked that” = “fuck you asshole”

[Jbond] Mitt Romney is going to kill Big Bird

[soybean] PBS’ budget must be $700 billion the way the GOP talks about it.

[Jbond] Bain Capital forecloses on Sesame Street

[@JuiceStain] He probably just wants to strap him to the roof of his station wagon

[J|M] Fuck PBS, and Spain too” – Mitt Romney

[myroncope] haha his big bird crack is not popular with the douchebags on twitter

[Jbond] “what will he say? what will he do? America’s VP says how do you do! It’s Joe Biden!” Tuesdays on CBS

[jacobi] Mitt killed obama’s grandmother

[J|M] it’s funny seeing all these Ndorks getting on the shitty XBL player

[@ANC] haha

[Jbond] if only the Wii u was out then we could close the curtain when they talk [EDITOR’S NOTE: See? We DO talk about Nintendo!]

[hellboy] does romney have a diamond on his lapel flag

[Nussy] Jim Lehrer looks like a replacement ref out there.

[myroncope] oh my god shut the fuck up about jobs

[myroncope] both of you assholes

[@ANC] no cancer and homeopathy killed Jobs

[@ANC] get it right

[Jbond] iTOO SOON

[hellboy] i dont llike romneys facial expressions

[myroncope] he needs a software update hellboy

[soybean] It must be weird to say your own name in a huge piece of legislation.

[garretble] ROMNEY WON

[garretble] GUYS

[garretble] GUYS

[JuiceStain] the blinking contest

[Jbond] yes Romney won the Turing test

[sr] alright i think the hold has been lifted off my atm card, time to test the waters brb

[@Ray] do hookers take atm cards?

[J|M] that’s what their asscrack is for, right?

[@Ray] then where do you enter your pin?

[@ANC] the nipples

[@ANC] in binary

Didn’t find any of that funny? Maybe you had to be there. So be there.]>